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Family Law

Quang has run cases involving Family Law from beginning to end. Many of these cases are highly fought, and long-running taking many years to conclude:

- Property Disputes. Quang has represented both the husband and the mother in property disputes after a divorce. Usually there are large assets involved such as a house bought by the parties while they were married. When they separate, after years of marriage, the Court will divide this property between the parties, and usually start off with a 50/50 starting point. From there the Court will look at the parties contributions, both financial as well as non-financial. Quang has run cases involving combined asset pools valued at over $1 million, where contributions were hotly contested.

- Child custody disputes. Quang has acted for parents to obtain custody over their child. These are cases that are very emotional and bitterly fought because the children are involved. These cases are usually long-running, and require significant affidavits from parents reporting on all aspects of the family relations and family arrangements for housing and schooling. Often, family reports will be critically used by the Court in deciding what is in the best interest of the child, which is the test that the Court has to apply in deciding family law cases involving children. Quang has acted in many child custody disputes, and will work with clients to strategize, but also look realistically at what can happen if they proceed to final hearing.

- Binding Financial Agreements. Quang regularly drafts these agreements for pre-nuptial agreements, or even agreements during marriage. Many couples whilst married wish to reach agreement what happens to their property if they ever separate, and this is the best way to do it with consent of both parties. Drafting these agreements requires sitting down with one of the parties, obtaining full instructions on what the party wants for property if they separate, and writing it up in an agreement that becomes legally binding once signed by all parties. They can be extremely important documents, so having them drafted well and with proper information is necessary.

- Consent Orders involving Children. Again, consent orders can also be reached involving children. The Court has peculiar language and laws for making orders for children by consent of all parties, so it is crucial that an experienced lawyer do this task. Quang has drafted numerous consent orders involving children, and has the ability to do it properly and comprehensively. Arrangements will have to consider school holidays, mothers day and fathers day, as well as holidays like Easter and Christmas.

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