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Criminal Law

Quang has deep and extensive success running criminal law cases himself, including indictable charges in the District Court:

- Aggravated Break and Enter. Quang successfully defended a client who was facing a 20 year maximum jail term for aggravated break and enter. Quang pleaded not guilty after speaking to the client, and conducted the case up until the Case conference stage. The case conference is where the Prosecutor and the Defence sit down and argue with each other the strengths and weaknesses of the case. The end result, was that Quang successfully had the charge with 20 years jail being dropped completely. The client was as expected extremely grateful and very happy with the result.

- Dangerous driving. Quang handled a case for an elderly woman who was charged with dangerous driving. If this charge was proven, she would have had to spend at least one year non-parole in jail because of the guideline judgment in R. v. White. Quang had to do thorough and comprehensive legal research into case-law on what amounts to dangerous driving. It is this legal research that can make the difference between being successful in Court and not being able to persuade the Magistrate. Quang can competently run negligent driving cases as well as all other driving related cases.

- Import commercial quantity of drugs. Quang handled a case for a client charged with importing a commercial quantity of prohibited drugs. This carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment, and is the heaviest punishable crime for drug offences. The defence of this case required careful and thorough examination of surveillance intelligence, as well as a large brief of evidence. Quang had to argue and examine the definition of importation, and try to negotiate such a heavy charge down to possession. Quang had to handle the case from the beginning, strategizing questions of bail and negotiating conduct of the case and charges.

- Cultivating Drug/Possession of Drug. Quang has represented clients charged with cultivating drugs as well as possessing drugs. Many of these cases can result in pleading guilty to the charge, but with negotiation on the important facts such as how many plants were being cultivated or how much of the drug was in the persons possession.

- Dealing with proceeds of Crime. Quang has represented clients charged with dealing with money thought to be the proceeds of crime. These cases, often described as money laundering cases, involves persons found in possession of large amounts of cash, as well as money ledgers, money counting machines, and cash deposit slips into bank accounts. Quang has helped these clients negotiate pleas of guilty, and to try to reduce the type or severity of the charge the person is charged with.

- s.10 sentences: Quang has regularly appeared to plead guilty for clients and obtain the very lightest sentence available, which is a s.10 non-conviction bond. This is usually important for people who work in government or government related roles where background checks are compulsory. These clients Quang has defended were extremely anxious for their case, knowing that they needed the best result. For such sensitive cases, Quang prepared meticulously with references and case analysis, as well as sentencing statistics where required. Often, a Magistrate will give this lightest sentence where the case justifies it, and the defence lawyer is able to make a strong case that this was a once-off and will never happen again.

- Other charges successfully defended and pleaded: Assault occasioning grievous bodily harm, Intimidation, Using Carriage Service (mobile phone) to harass or menace or intimidate, AVO charges

- Appeals. Quang has run numerous appeals from the Local Court to the District Court, both on severity of sentence as well as findings of not guilty. Quang has succeeded in reducing sentences in these appeals, in many cases he has successfully argued so that a full-time term of imprisonment was overturned on appeal and the client was immediately released. Quang also runs appeals from the District Court to the Supreme Court, on severity of sentence. He does these himself, drawing on his years of experience as a Barrister, from drafting the Notices of Appeal, to attending final hearing before the Court of Criminal Appeal to argue that the sentence was too severe.

- Bail applications and attendance at police station. Quang is regularly asked to do bail applications in the Local Court, for people who have been charged with drug offences or assault related matters. This usually happens after a request is made for his attendance at the police station in the early hours of the morning, where he will advise and sit-in to the police interview.

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