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Commercial Law

Quang has wide success running difficult and large-dollar value cases in the District Court and Supreme Court. He regularly runs cases in the Local Court that are just as complex and difficult to argue, succeeding very often because of his experience:

- Building and Construction. Quang has represented parties in mediation before Judges and Mediators, to decide the value of incomplete and defective building work. In one case, the contract concerned was worth $9 million to construct 30 apartments at a site in Belmore NSW. The builder was argued to have built the carpark and other aspects defectively, resulting in unsightly finishes and leaking water throughout the building. Acting in this matter, required mastering detailed and lengthy building reports, and comparing them and assessing strengths and weaknesses. Many of these types of disputes are decided on these building reports, so having an experienced legal mind who knows how to resolve such issues from a final legal point of view is critical to conducting the case from an early stage.

- Contract law. Fundamental knowledge of contract law has seen Quang run and succeed cases involving, real estate agent commission contracts, building contracts, sales contract and commission, leases. A lot of these cases are won on knowledge of contract terms, and doing research on conditions of contracts and construction or interpreting clauses. Quang has so much experience in this area, having run so many cases, that this comes naturally. There are just too many cases involving contract law to name.

- Supreme Court declarations. Quang has run cases seeking declarations in the Supreme Court. These are cases where the dispute often involves an Association or Company, and about the management of such entities. For example, Quang was solely responsible as lawyer for a case involving a religious Association where there were factions arguing against each other about the management and running of the Association. Quang drafted relief in the Supreme Court, and appeared in Court to argue the case. He was successful in obtaining interim relief for his clients who were arguing that the Association was being mis-managed.

- General running of cases. Many things happen during the course of large-value commercial cases. Including offers of compromise, which can be very useful tools to threaten adverse costs orders to get parties to settle. Security for costs can also be applied for, so that the winning party is sure to get money for its legal cost if it wins. Subpoenas and Notices to Produce are also important tools, to gather evidence and strongly present a case. All these types of applications are commonly done and argued by Barristers who have specialised knowledge of Court procedures. This is why Quang is very competent to be able to run such large-value cases from beginning to end, to strategize and to make important decisions that can be the difference between winning and losing.

- Costs in being successful. Quang has won many of his cases with costs. So for example, Quang ran a case involving real estate agent commission against another party, who had 3 lawyers at the bar table, a Barrister, a Solicitor and an Assistant. The case was complicated. In the end, Quang won and received judgment in favour of his client. The Court also ordered that the other side pay for all of Quang’s costs, so that his client was not out of pocket at all. Understandably, the client was extremely happy. In civil and commercial cases, the losing party pays the winning party’s legal costs, and this part of the Courts powers means that it can be extremely worthwhile to find a very good lawyer who has good experience in winning cases in Court, because to do so also means that all your legal costs will be paid by the other side so you do not end up paying anything.

- Evidence issues. Usually in commercial court cases, the winner will present their evidence strongly in a form that is acceptable to the Court. This can often be the difference between winning and losing, the ability to gather evidence in the form of documents and witness statements, and to present that in a strong as possible format. Obviously, the rules of evidence will be required to be known by the lawyer, and this is why it pays to have someone who has worked as a Barrister as they are experts in Court such as knowing the rules of evidence. Being able to recognise the issues of evidence clearly, and being able to gather and present that evidence persuasively, is the key to running a successful case.

- General letters. Because Quang has such deep experience in commercial cases, he is very skilled at writing letters when dealing with parties. His knowledge of the law, and factual issues of evidence and litigation, means that his manner of writing letters and conducting communications is extremely strong and powerful. Quang has succeeded in numerous instances, just by writing strong letters to parties intending to go to Court, that they give-in and pay outstanding moneys so that they don’t face an opponent who is very strong and will force them to pay even more money if they lose in Court.

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