Quang Nguyen

Solicitor & Barrister

 Expert Court Lawyer

Over 10 years experience as


Quang is an expert Court Lawyer.

He has worked as a Barrister-at-Law for more than 10 years, appearing in Court on a daily basis.

He has run big cases in the Supreme Court, District Court and Federal Courts.

He can provide quality services at a discount fee, when other lawyers would have to hire a separate Barrister when the clients needs it.

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Quang Nguyen was first admitted as a lawyer in 2000, and has extensive experience appearing in different courts and tribunals in Sydney and Melbourne over two decades.


Quang has worked as a Barrister-at-Law for over 10 years, where he appeared in Court on an almost daily basis in wide ranging matters including criminal law, family law, civil litigation, property disputes, defamation. As a Barrister, Quang had to pass rigorous examinations on rules of evidence and court procedure, and practising as a Barrister he was required to constantly know and exercise the rules on evidence and court procedure. He appeared in all the Courts and Tribunals in NSW, including Local Court, District Court and Supreme Court. Admission as a Barrister is extremely difficult, requiring passing exams above 85% consecutively.

Quang has returned to practise as a Solicitor and can appear in court in a wide-range of matters drawing on his many years of Court practice. Quang prides himself on the quality of his work and experience, and the reasonableness of his legal fees for clients. Quang is happy to quote fixed fees for cases, and will match competitors prices without compromising on the quality of his work. He can assist in matters including:

- Criminal matters. Quang has successfully defended charges including Assault, Stolen Property, AVO's, Break and Enter, Drug Supply and Trafficking offences, Drug Possession, Dangerous Driving, Drive whilst Disqualified, Drink Driving, Contempt of Court, Centrelink offences. He also does bail applications and appeals to the District Court against severity of sentence. He regularly does pleas of guilty to charges, and will negotiate with the DPP to reduce charges and amend statement of facts.

- Indictable charges. Quang frequently defends Indictable charges before the District Court of NSW, including strictly indictable charges. Defended charges include Drug Supply and Trafficking offences, Aggravated Break and Enter, Assault occasioning Grievous Bodily Harm.

- Family Law. Quang has represented clients in child custody disputes, property disputes after divorce and separation, de facto property disputes. This includes long-running and drawn out litigation in the Family Court and Federal Circuit Court. Quang also does Binding Financial agreements, pre-nuptial agreements, consent agreements to divide property during and after marriage, applications for parenting orders for non-parents.

- Commercial litigation. Quang has represented clients and defended claims in diverse matters including debt recovery, breach of contract, damage to property including motor vehicles, negligence including of motor vehicle driving, negligence of professionals including accountants and solicitors, building disputes under the Home Building Act, claims against insurance policies, complex building and construction cases in the District Court. Quang has run cases involving urgent applications for injunctions in the Supreme Court, and freezing of accounts and return of money.

- Civil matters. Quang regularly is asked to draft Deeds of Agreement between parties, advise on corporations law matters, assist in negotiations between franchisees and franchise owners, execute leases and other property dealings, lodge caveats against property, draft contracts for the sale or purchase of a business.

- Immigration Law. Quang has frequently and successfully run appeals from decisions of the AAT to the Federal Circuit Court and to the Federal Court. These appeals take up to 2 years to resolve.

- Wills and Estates. Quang has represented clients in Family Provision applications, urgent Probate orders for control of businesses in an estate. Quang can also draft wills and have them executed.

- Bankruptcy. Quang has represented clients who underwent bankruptcy proceedings with the Trustee in Bankruptcy.

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Summary of his highly rated work history

Associate to a Magistrate: Magistrates Court in Canberra. Quang was an Associate, sitting next to a Magistrate in Court everyday. He listened and was assistant to the Magistrate in running criminal law lists, criminal law hearings, commercial law cases, and every other dispute handled by a Magistrate.

Barrister-at-Law: Quang worked with Senior Counsel and ran his own cases, virtually every day in Court. He worked on a variety of cases, and has a long list of successful hard-fought wins for very happy clients. He read at State Chambers, and was a member at Frederick Jordan Chambers.

First-Class Honours degree in Law

First-Class Honours degree in Economics

With all of these unique work experiences and qualifications, Quang knows how to provide high-quality high-level advice and perform the most difficult work cases, but be able to relate to and understand his clients so they can understand in plain English what their case is about and how to get the best outcome for them. He does this with competitive pricing.

Many other law firms will say many things, but give you a junior lawyer to handle your case. Quang will personally handle your case from beginning to end.